About Me

Height: 181 / 5’11.5”
Waist: 81cm / 32”
Chest: 93cm / 37”
Shoe: 43 EU / 10 UK / 10.5 US / 44.5 EU
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Hi I’m Kevin Narain, a South African with a love for the creative arts.

I consider myself to be a Creative, an actor, model, singer, fine artist, content creator and influencer. My skills have helped me become an entrepreneur.

I was born in Johannesburg. The city has inspired many of my works and influences me in many aspects. I grew up in a neighbourhood that exposed me to interesting characters, characters that have charisma in their step and power in their voice. Acting and singing helped me find my voice and more importantly it opened my mind to a world of imagination and storytelling. I learned how art could be an expressive tool.

This website is my way of sharing my art with you. The internet has made it possible for me to share my creative journey with the hopes that it inspires you to think creatively and never stop Imagining. This is the purpose of this website, as well as to engage with my audience, supporting local and sustainable brands and showcasing collaborative work.

Over the years I have done many other creative works that have stretched my creative muscle. I have a BA Honours Live Performance Degree and a BA Motion Picture Degree. In short I am a qualified Film Maker and Actor. I have worked on TV. Dramas, Film sets, sung in few spaces and done work with Contemporary Artist Robin Rhode. I have travelled to places that I have only dreamt of and they have inspired me profoundly.

Many people find the career path I have chosen as a difficult one. It is in many ways not easy. Being an Artist takes strong will, perseverance, dedication and a rooted love for humanity. This is my belief and it keeps me motivated.

This is my journey and I invite you to join me in song, laughter, dance and creative.